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“I Love my new home here I don’t want to go back to Manchester City and start staying at the bench like like Kelvin Phillips” – 21-year-old loanee now admits he would be happy to leave Manchester City permanently

A 21-year-old loanee, Taylor Harwood-Bellis, has shared his thoughts on his temporary spell at Southampton, away from Manchester City, in an interview with the Daily Echo. Harwood-Bellis, an England Under-21 international, has revealed his desire to make the move to Southampton permanent, contingent on the Saints regaining promotion to the Premier League.

He stated, “If we get promoted, yeah, 100%. That’s the drive of the whole club, to get back to the Premier League, and that’s where I want to be. I wouldn’t have come here if that wasn’t the club’s ambition. If someone said to me, you’ll be playing for Southampton in the Premier League next year, I’d snap your hand off. I’ve loved it here, it’s a lovely part of the world. I’ve settled in well, and that’s due to the staff, the players, and everyone at the club. I’m enjoying my time here.”

Harwood-Bellis, who earned accolades from Ashley Cole during the summer, has already made eight starting appearances in Southampton’s 14 Championship matches this season. He has also scored a goal, contributing to the Saints’ current fourth-place position in the English second tier.

Importantly, the enjoyment of Harwood-Bellis at Southampton carries significant weight, as it is not just a matter of personal preference. According to the BBC, Southampton has a binding £20 million obligation to purchase the central defender should they secure immediate promotion to the Premier League, rather than just an option to buy.

Thankfully, the young defender from Stockport appears to be content with his experience at St Mary’s, aligning with the club’s aspirations to make his stay in Southampton a permanent one in the event of promotion..

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