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Man City Playmaker Kevin De Bruyne has left Manchester City this evening to join one of the biggest clubs in world football!

Manchester City and Kevin De Bruyne currently have no plans to part ways, despite interest from the Saudi Pro League. De Bruyne’s season has been marked by a hamstring injury he sustained on the opening day of the season against Burnley, and his return is not expected until the turn of the year.

While De Bruyne has been sidelined due to injury, there have been persistent rumors of a potential move away from the club, particularly with the emergence of interest from the Saudi Pro League. The Pro League is reportedly keen on luring one of the Premier League’s top performers to the Middle East. Additionally, Major League Soccer (MLS) remains an intriguing option, as De Bruyne has enjoyed spending time in the United States during his holidays. Many individuals close to him believe that if he were to play abroad, it would likely be with an MLS team.

Nonetheless, De Bruyne is far from finished with the Premier League. At just 32 years of age, he draws inspiration from the longevity of players like Luka Modric (38), Cristiano Ronaldo (38), and Lionel Messi (36), and he believes he can follow suit by continuing to perform at the highest level.

As it stands, De Bruyne is under contract with Manchester City until 2025, and he has not ruled out the possibility of extending his stay at the Etihad. While talks about an extension have not yet gained momentum, sources have indicated that both the player and the club are fully committed to each other.

De Bruyne’s current focus is on his recovery, with hopes of returning to action by Christmas. This timeline aligns with Manchester City’s typical push to hit their stride during a busy run of fixtures at that time. The future remains uncertain, but for now, the bond between De Bruyne and Manchester City appears to remain strong.

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