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Former Chelsea Legend Eden Hazard has a special message for the Spurs fanbase ahead of Pochettino return

Eden Hazard is hopeful that the Tottenham Hotspur fanbase will warmly welcome Chelsea manager Mauricio Pochettino on his return to Spurs on Monday, marking his first appearance at the club since his sacking four years ago.

Hazard, who followed a similar path in 1985, even scoring two goals for Chelsea in a 3-1 victory on his return, reflected on his experience. He expressed his desire for respectful treatment, suggesting that fans acknowledged the job he had done for Spurs and understood that he had a responsibility to his new club.

Hazard further emphasized that despite the intensified rivalry between the two clubs, it’s important for the fanbase to rise above it. He proposed showing dignity and class by giving Pochettino a round of applause when his name is announced, recognizing his achievements.

Hazard’s perspective is one of acknowledging the past contributions of the returning manager and showing respect for his accomplishments.

He suggests that while the fans may cheer for Pochettino, once the game starts, the competitive spirit can take over. However, the initial gesture is about recognizing the legacy and achievements of the returning figure.

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