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SAD Raheem Sterling News has BEEN announced this morning as English FA makes final decision on Raheem Sterling punishment after he was spotted throwing a missile at Tottenham fans

The English FA has reached a final decision regarding Raheem Sterling’s actions during Monday’s 4-1 win against Tottenham, where he was seen throwing a missile back into the crowd after it was thrown at him by home fans.

There video, shared on TikTok by the official Chelsea account, captured this incident, raising concerns of a potential match ban for Sterling, similar to the punishment given to Richarlison for a comparable act in May 2022 while he was with Everton.


However, according to an Evening Standard report, the FA has concluded its investigation and opted not to impose any punishment on Sterling.

This decision comes as a relief for Chelsea fans and their manager Mauricio Pochettino, who expressed calmness and assurance during a pre-match press conference on Friday. Pochettino stated that although he heard about the incident, no evidence was found, leading to a relaxed stance.

The decision not to penalize Sterling contrasts with the earlier fears of a significant punishment.


Richarlison’s precedent had raised concerns that Sterling might face a similar outcome, but the FA’s conclusion suggests a different stance on this particular incident, bringing relief to the player and the Chelsea camp.

I didn’t see anything on Monday. We hope nothing is going on with an action that could be punished.”

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