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“Once the decision is made, I will review everything….. Manchester City Player Maker Kelvin De Bruyne has finally spoken on the rumour about his Exit TO Al-Nassr in January TRANSFER WINDOW

Everton was given a 10-point deduction by the Premier League on Friday, following their conviction for breaking Financial Fair Play rules. With a penalty, Sean Dyche’s team, who want to appeal, would fall to 19th place in the standings from their present position of fourteenth.

Manchester City, who were slammed with 115 accusations back in February, is the focus of attention right now. City, who are presently in a title fight with teams like Liverpool and Arsenal, have strongly refuted the accusations and said they are in favour of the probe.

The attention has been drawn to City’s finances on previous occasions. When UEFA discovered that Pep Guardiola’s team had violated FFP rules in 2020, they were handed a two-year suspension from European football. However, the Court of Arbitration for Sport (CAS) overturned the suspension and lowered the club’s fine from €30 million (£26 million) to €10 million (£9 million).

The outstanding player for City, Kevin De Bruyne, acknowledged that his future at the Etihad Stadium would be affected by a ban from European football before the ban was lifted. De Bruyne told the Belgian newspaper Het Laatste Nieuws, “I’m just waiting.”

“The club assured us they will file an appeal and that they are nearly certain they will be successful. I’m waiting to see what will happen because of this. I have faith in my group.

“After the choice is decided, I’ll go over everything. Although two years would be a long time, I might notice results in just one year.”

De Bruyne’s previous remarks underscore that not all players would necessarily continue around in such circumstances, especially if they were demoted as financial expert Stefan Borson stated is a possibility. If City are found guilty, they might very possibly suffer a significant point deduction. A lawyer named Borson, who has previously advised City, posted on X (now Twitter) saying, “It seems cruel to me to give Everton ten points for a simple FFP violation without reading the judgement or reward.

“But reinforces that sanctions against City (if proven) and now Chelsea (if charged and admitted on the off-books payments) will be potentially relegation inducing.”

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