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Tell him to pack his belongings and leave my club immediately, because I DO NOT TOLERATE LAZY players…I can’t be paying high salary on Him and not benefiting from Him’: Chelsea owner Todd Boehly has ordered Pochettino  that they must sell £60 million Star as soon as possible or risk losing their jobs

Let down Mauricio Pochettino talks about James’ incident with the red card.
Extremely Disappointed Mauricio Pochettino talks about James’ incident with the red card.

Although Mauricio Pochettino said that he was “disappointed” in Reece James’ red card, he refrained from assigning too much blame to his skipper for the team’s collapse against Newcastle today.

“This type of thing happens in football,” the coach retorted.

While expressing his disappointment once more, he went on to say that Chelsea simply “needs to accept” the red and the outcome and go on.

We find it hard to believe he was dissatisfied with the cards as they were flawless textbook examples. His own player making a mistake is basically the only disappointment he can truly experience.

Pochettino is aware that he cannot place any undue blame on his captain. It is pointless to cause a public rift now that the error has been made. James realised he had a mare as soon as he left.

It’s also critical to avoid acting rashly out of frustration in response to a poor outcome. Now we have to look forward to the following game.

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