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‘He deserves the Man of the Match award rather than Jeremy Doku, we have all witnessed his significant impact on the game today’: Craig Burley believes ONE Manchester City player deserves the Man of the Match award today for his outstanding performance – Neither Erling Haaland, Ederson nor Alvarez

Craig Burley believes Jeremy Doku underperformed for Manchester City in Saturday’s 1-1 draw with Liverpool.

in ESPN FC, the pundit stated that Doku’s decision-making was subpar in what he believes was a rare off day for him.

The Belgian’s arrival at the Etihad Stadium has been welcomed with largely positive reactions, with Glenn Murray noting that exciting players like him are the reason he follows football in the first place.

Manchester City winger Jeremy Doku was “pretty poor” against Liverpool, according to Craig Burley.
But it appears that the 21-year-old has been chastised for his performance against Jurgen Klopp and co.

While some say the Β£55.5 million (Sky Sports) man performed admirably, others believe his poor decision-making and lack of end product made his performance a chore to watch.

Craig Burley agrees with the latter, believing that Manchester City’s Jeremy Doku lied to deceive against Liverpool.

One of the other concerns about Man City, and we talked about it on Thursday, was the potential hazard for [Trent] Alexander-Arnold, and we saw [Joel] Matip get a one-on-one with Jeremy Doku and sat him on his backside. “He just didn’t do it enough,” he explained to ESPN FC.

Craig Burley thought Jeremy Doku’s approach against Liverpool was similar to playing a lower side after Manchester City surrendered two points at home.

“And Frank’s [Leboeuf] right, they got a few players to help him, but there’s two sides to that story, and Doku recently scored a couple and assisted a couple in one of the games, it might have been Burnley at home or I can’t remember who it was, and he scored a couple and assisted a couple.” It was Bournemouth, and he was involved in everything. It was similar to his ball.”

“It almost felt like he brought that onto the field today in the biggest game in England, and I was telling you, he was trying to do too much, taking too many touches, there was an early pass on but he’s trying a stepover or a drop of the shoulder.” And that’s something he’ll figure out as he goes.”

“These things are great when you’re beating a defender,” he added, “but if there’s a better ball on, an earlier ball, a quicker ball on the other side of a midfielder or a backline, you’ve got to play it.” And he seemed to want to defeat everyone today.”

“That end product, I’m not saying Liverpool played him well but he was pretty poor in his decision-making in the final third.”

That is unfair to Jeremy Doku.
While Craig Burley is correct in pointing out Jeremy Doku’s lack of end product, since his final pass was not the finest against Liverpool, he was still one of Manchester City’s standouts.

The highly-rated talent’s dribbling was typically spectacular, but he was doubled up on at times.

Doku, on the other hand, managed to leave defenders for dead, whether on the left side or deeper centrally.

The kid even produced a couple of chances that Julian Alvarez and Erling Haaland did not take.

Jeremy Doku held tall against one of the Sky Blues’ title contenders, even if he was not flawless at all occasions, which is a very encouraging prospect.

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