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Even if other small or big team the Overrated Manchester City can never take a point home from us”- Totheham Huspor Manager Ange Postecoglou sent warning message to Pep Guardiola and Manchester city fans

The quartet’s strategy of giving up possession to City, defending deep, and applying intense pressure on the counterattack united them. Stated differently, it’s the exact opposite of Postecoglou’s style of play, with a high defensive line, dominating the ball, and committing runners forward. Is now the right time for him to adopt a more conservative stance? No, is the succinct response. The lengthier one deserves repeating.

Postecoglou asserts, “I don’t do what I do to prove a point.” “There is one thing that all of the best teams have in common. Each of them has a plan, which they invest in and follow through on. They don’t back down from it when things get tough.

“In life, your strongest convictions are put to the test at the most trying moments. And these, in my opinion, are crucial moments since they will reveal the kind of football squad we want to be. You may duck and say we’re playing Man City away and we have injuries, but in the end, you’ll either be a huge club or a team that aspires to be one of the elite teams. Either you are the other.

You must have some integrity. That then sums up my approach. I’m not going to show anybody around there. “Observe me, I’ll defeat them.” It’s because I believe that’s how we should move forward.

Postecoglou hasn’t reviewed any of Spurs’ previous wins against City in order to get ready. It’s not that he disregards them; rather, he values the accomplishment of the desired outcomes. However, they have no bearing on what Spurs will experience going forward under his direction.

“I believe there’s a purpose for which I’m sitting here, and that purpose is not to defeat City,” he declares. “I’m trying to put together a team that will succeed, not one that will defeat City. I wouldn’t be sitting here if [beating City] was sufficient. Someone else would be in that position.

“‘Why wouldn’t you do it if you know it’s going to be successful?’ is a valid question. However, given who I am as a manager, I’d be shocked if people thought I would take that turn.

Postecoglou used an earlier experience with Pep Guardiola’s City to highlight the idea that, occasionally, these showpieces are more about the steps, the stops along a longer road. In a 2019 friendly, his Yokohama F Marinos squad defeated 3-1 against City. However, they got their way, controlling 58% of the possession, making their presence known and solidifying their conviction. Saying, “Let’s continue down this path,” was a fantastic workout for us at the time. We want to be this team,” Postecoglou declares.

Rodrigo Bentancur’s ankle ligament damage against Aston Villa last Sunday, which resulted from a poor tackle by Matty Cash, is Postecoglou’s most recent issue. Bentancur made his first start for Spurs since rupturing his anterior cruciate ligament in February; Postecoglou said it was a devastating blow that had shocked the team. According to his manager, Bentancur won’t be available “well into early next year.”

Pape Sarr is still sidelined due to a minor hamstring injury, so Postecoglou will likely have to decide between Pierre-Emile HΓΈjbjerg and Bryan Gil even if Yves Bissouma has returned from suspension. Put another way, be cautious or forward-thinking. Eric Dier or Emerson Royal will probably play centre defence. In general, the same query. If you were to guess, how do you think Postecoglou will perform?

“Our goal is to become the team we want to be every time we put a team out there,” he states. We must be careful not to lose sight of the ultimate goal, as this is the reason why the majority of teams and organisations eventually fall short when their determination is put to the test.

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