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‘Pochettino doesn’t know how to coach a big club, otherwise why would you keep a player like Him on the bench when you want to win games against Manchester United?’ Alan Shearer, refers to Pochettino as a ‘BABY COACH’ for benching the £80 million star in Chelsea’s Defeat yesterday

Reece James begins for Chelsea on the bench against Manchester United last night for the following reason:
Reece James would have been on any Chelsea fan’s team of choice if you had asked them last night.

He is our captain and one of our top players, while Malo Gusto, his backup at right back, is out with an injury.

Furthermore, James is also well-rested because he took a weekend off due to his ban.

Thus, it came as a surprise to see him scratched from tonight’s match against Manchester United. Insider Nathan Gissing claims that the reason for his benching was “knee pain.”

Gissing continues, “We hope it’s minor,” adding that James is anticipated to have a role. However, why even bench him if the issue is that small? Why put him at risk as a substitute if it’s terrible enough to take him out of the starting lineup?

Hopefully, manager Mauricio Pochettino’s news conference later will provide further information.

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