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Referee Punched in face by Club President in Shocking Turkish Super LIG Clash

In a shocking Turkish Super League match, the club president punched the referee in the face.

League matches in Turkey have been placed on INDEFINITE suspension following an incident in which a club president attacked and kicked a referee in the head on the pitch.

The startling event happened after Ankaragucu and Rizespor tied 1-1 on Monday night at the Eryaman Stadium in the Turkish capital of Ankara. The mayhem started in the seventh minute of stoppage time with an equaliser.

At the final whistle, Ankaragucu president Faruk Koca insulted Halil Umut Meler, the man who took charge of the game, and his helpers.

Running towards Meler, Koca floored him with a right hook. While the referee was still down, an anonymous person stomped his face.

Players and officials from both sides created a perimeter around Meler while Koca was led off. The official, taken aback, was then assisted in standing up.

According to reports, Koca started the fight and was then attacked before being escorted to the hospital by police officials.

The Turkish Football Federation later declared that all league games in the nation will not be played for an extended amount of time due to the unsavoury incidents, which rocked the domestic game in Turkey.

After Olimpiu Morutan’s strike in the 14th minute put Ankaragucu ahead 1-0, Ali Sowe’s red card five minutes into the second half reduced the team to ten men. Five minutes into extra time, Emirhan Topcu of Rizespor was subsequently substituted in.

Before Adolfo Gaich tied the score in the last seconds for Rizespor, which included former England, Liverpool, and Newcastle midfielder Jonjo Shelvey, it appeared as though the home team would maintain their lead.

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