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VERY SAD Erling Haaland news has been announced this Evening ahead of Club World Cup

Erling Haaland will be evaluated by Manchester City on Friday, although Pep Guardiola hinted that he would not be well enough to compete in the Club World Cup.

Due to a foot injury, Haaland has missed the last two games and was not part of the team that travelled to Belgrade for the Champions League encounter against Crvena Zvezda. The Norwegian just made his way back to the club on Friday after receiving treatment in Marbella. Although the doctors will evaluate him when he returns, Guardiola does not anticipate the striker returning anytime soon given his knowledge of the injury and current circumstances.

Haaland is anticipated to go to Saudi Arabia with the team for the Club World Cup the following week, but City will let the striker choose when he is fit enough to play. “He arrived today, and we will assess his condition after the doctors examine him,” Guardiola stated prior to Crystal Palace’s match. “He received therapy elsewhere.

“Hopefully, he will be able to fly to Saudi Arabia, and we will check to see whether he can participate in the opening or second game, or when we return. Although I doubt he’ll play [against Palace], he might surprise me.

“Players can recover more slowly at times, or more swiftly. How he feels, day by day, week by week. He will play as soon as he is pain-free.”

On Saturday, City will take on Palace in their Premier League championship defence. The league leaders Liverpool are currently four points ahead of the Blues.

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