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This series of Loss and out of form play is said to only have happened under the management of Mauricio Potchettino which has made the Fans petrified and the Board of Directors have given their say on this and a coach replacement have been issued who would return Chelsea to their former Glory in which 99% of Chelsea fans worldwide are in support of.

Chelsea manager Mauricio Pochettino is under pressure to show evidence of development at Stamford Bridge this season, as journalist Paul Brown remarked in his appraisal of Pochettino’s term.

Pochettino has yet to manage the squad to continuous success or secure European football at home since taking over in the summer of 2023, following Chelsea’s poor 2022/23 season. Despite the prospect of a turning point, the management requires a significant improvement in the second half of the season following a poor start.

Pochettino arrives with the task of leading Chelsea back to their former glory, especially after the club finished 12th the previous season. However, co-owner Todd Boehly’s huge shopping binge, which totaled roughly £430.6 million, hasn’t translated into regular game time for several high-profile acquisitions. Notably, the club’s £115 million purchase of Moises Caicedo from Brighton & Hove Albion highlighted the club’s lavish expenditure.

Chelsea’s present position in the Premier League table, 14 points behind fourth-placed Manchester City, highlights the club’s difficulty to earn a place in the Champions League for the 2024/25 season. While there have been glimpses of quality and potential in the squad, such as a 4-4 draw versus City and a 3-2 home win over Brighton, inconsistent performances, such as the 2-0 losses at home to Everton and Brentford, suggest areas that need to be improved.

Paul Brown previously stated that Chelsea appeared to be ‘lacking maturity,’ particularly with Pochettino currently guiding a youthful and relatively inexperienced group. The emphasis is on Pochettino to show clear evidence of growth and consistency at Stamford Bridge as Chelsea prepares to meet Sheffield United on December 16th.

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