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Premier League have just announced the shocking VAR Error By referees of Liverpool VS Manchester United- PGMOL under scrutiny over surprising VAR mistake made by The Referee during the Liverpool Vs Manchester match after awarding the penalty

Anfield was packed with excited fans as Liverpool and Manchester United played in a highly anticipated match. At the halftime break, the score was tied at 0-0. What happened when Luke Shaw, the defender for Manchester United, got involved in a fight was the turning point.

As the ball came at Shaw, he accidentally hit it with his hand, which made everyone in the room gasp. Even though both teams were expecting a penalty, the referee decided not to give one. This caused a mix of relief and anger among the fans at Anfield.

Fans, commentators, and players all had heated arguments about the choice, or lack of it. The incident caused a lot of controversy, which made the fight even more exciting. Liverpool fans strongly wanted a penalty, pointing out that it could have changed the result of the game, while Manchester United fans supported the referee’s decision.

The referee’s decision not to call Shaw’s handball became a major talking point, adding to the drama and debate of the game and keeping both sets of fans on edge as it went on.

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