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Premier League has just announced the shocking VAR Error By referees of Liverpool VS Arsenal- PGMOL ROBBERY OF THE YEAR. Clear penalty for Liverpool, referee says no! The Referee during the Liverpool Vs Arsenal match after clear penalty by odegaard denied by referee

A pivotal moment occurred in the 20th minute of a hotly contested match between Liverpool and Arsenal, raising questions about the refereeing from both Liverpool supporters and viewers in general.

Liverpool appeared to have a legitimate chance for a penalty, but the referee surprisingly rejected their pleas despite Arsenal’s Martin Odegaard clearly handballing within the penalty area.

Odegaard’s handball inside the penalty area signalled the start of the incident, which gave Liverpool a great opportunity to tie their formidable opponents.

The contentious decision to deny Liverpool a penalty aroused strong feelings among supporters, who were left feeling bewildered and frustrated by what appeared to be a clear-cut choice.

As the match went on, the controversial incident continued to come up in conversation, reviving debates about the value of Video Assistant Referee (VAR) technology and the need for more accurate officiating in important football games.


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