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“I tried to Entice him to Join Barcelona but it seems his mind has been made up already, you can take the Horse to the water but you can’t force it to drink water- Lionel Messi has confirmed his £60 Million international teamate has decided to Join Manchester City over Barcelona

Manchester City will offer £22 million for the Argentine “talent” who is expected to depart in 2022.
Claudio Echeverri, a teenage midfield player from Argentina, is apparently the target of a £22 million bid from Manchester City.

It was said earlier this month that City was hoping to sign the starlet Echeverri and that they were among the leading contenders to sign her.

Julian Alvarez used to play football for River Plate, where Echeverri presently plays.

Alvarez has excelled since joining the Etihad Stadium, therefore it is clear that City was quite successful with that specific acquisition.

It appears Manchester City might be trying to pull off the same ruse with the signing of Echeverri.

Manchester City is getting ready to offer £22 million for the 2023 Trofeo de Campeones match between River Plate and Rosario Central, starring Claudio Echeverri.
Joaquín Camiletti took the picture/Getty Images.
Journalist Cesar Merlo claims the City intends to assess River Plate’s commitment to Echeverri.

The team plans to place Echeverri on loan at River for a period of six to twelve months, and they are getting ready to make a bid of £22 million for the attacking midfield player.

Naturally, City took this action with Alvarez.

After reaching an agreement for the attacker, the team let him stay at River Plate until the summer of 2022, when he joined City’s main team.

In the end, the club made a wise decision by allowing Alvarez to keep playing and improving before moving to Manchester.

The 17-year-old Echeverri, who has been called “a talent” by Barcelona manager Xavi, made his first-team debut for River against Rosario Central recently. Following the game, the player said (AS) that he would not be signing a new contract, but that he would stay for six months or a year.

Given that Echeverri’s current deal with River expires in December 2024, City has a decent chance of finding a true steal.

Julian Alvarez again?
It is hard to look at this and not think about the trade City made for Julian Alvarez.

It goes without saying that Alvarez also played for River, remaining there to further his career even after City signed him to a contract.

He has proven to be a fantastic acquisition, and maybe Echeverri can have a similarly fruitful transfer.

Journalist Fabrizio Romano said last week that Chelsea and Barcelona were both keeping an eye on Echeverri.

Although there may be competition for the young player, City will undoubtedly fancy their chances. They will undoubtedly utilise the Alvarez voyage to market themselves to Echeverri.

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