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REPORT Saudi Arabia clubs are set to hand Manchester City a ‘crazy huge bid’ after a whopping ‘extraordinary’ sum of over $200M was offered to Man City in exchange for 26-years old Pep Guardiola Play Maker ahead of January summer transfer

Despite the fact that midfielder Kevin De Bruyne is “irreplaceable” for Manchester City, former Aston Villa striker Gabby Agbonlahor has urged the team to acquire the “next best” player in order to acquire the Saudi Pro League target.

According to reports, De Bruyne was approached by Saudi officials about moving to the Middle East in 2024, as the Belgian player’s contract at The Etihad was about to expire in a year.

As we disclosed on Monday, the five-time Premier League champion presently makes £400,000 a week at City and would earn even more if he followed some of the biggest names in the league to Saudi Arabia.

Jamal Musiala, a top player for Bayern Munich who is presently negotiating a new contract with the Bavarian powerhouse, has long been coveted by City.

But if he doesn’t get consistent playing time in the upcoming months, the youthful striker will demand a January departure, warning both City and Liverpool in the process, according to Football Insider.

Though his contract with Chelsea expires in 2026, Thomas Tuchel hasn’t always made the former Chelsea trainee a first-choice starter in Munich.

Agbonlahor also believes that Musiala would be a wise addition, albeit acknowledging that it would be nearly impossible to find a replacement for De Bruyne.

Agbonlahor stated to Football Insider that De Bruyne is a player who is impossible to replace. It’s insane what he can accomplish with a football.

“Take a look at them now; this is a different team. Haaland has changed as a player as a result of not receiving De Bruyne’s services.

“While he is priceless, you should find the next best student in the class instead.

“Musiala will want to play for a team led by Pep and with a striker like Haaland to see what he can achieve because he won’t be winning a Ballon d’Or at Bayern.

“I wouldn’t be shocked if City went out and acquired Musiala, who is the next best.”

Tuesday night, City will return to play when they visit Young Boys in the Champions League, missing De Bruyne due to injury.

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