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Kylian Mbappe has officially made a statement about joining Chelsea FC this January transfer window

The silly season has officially started. The January window opens at the beginning of the year, and recent big guns Chelsea are practically guaranteed to be in and talked about during the month.

They had a record-breaking four weeks just a year prior, during which they signed eight new players for a total of almost £300 million, including the then-record British transfer. They have more pressing matters to take care of this time around.

A new striker is one of the positions that many anticipate the Blues to pursue, and on January 1st, clubs will have access to Kylian Mbappe during what is expected to be a brief and packed window. After being cut from the preseason roster, the Paris Saint-Germain forward refused to sign a contract extension with the team over the summer and appeared ready to depart.

With less than half of his contract remaining, the Frenchman will be free to go at the end of the current campaign. There are probably going to be a lot of bids on the table, even though PSG has allegedly attempted to blot out the possibility of that being to Real Madrid.

Mbappe’s short trial at Chelsea in the early 2010s suggests that they are one of those teams. talks about a deal’s optics and whether it makes sense in this article.

“Mbappe and Mauricio Pochettino yet again?” asks Why not? Ignoring the financial aspect for a moment, this is a fantastic chance because his income would negate any measures to reduce the bill over the previous 12 months.

There are not many opportunities to get talents like Mbappe without having to pay a hefty transfer fee. That’s not true; they never appear. This has never happened before.

Mbappe is Chelsea’s best asset? We all require Mbappe. While he may not be the aggressive striker that Pochettino desires, he is a difference maker and a reliable performer. The Blues are assembling a hard-working team that could be able to compensate for his lack of possession.

Unsurprisingly, Mbappe is a match-winner, a game-changer, and someone who brings the cutting edge when it comes to the ball. This is a formidable team; give him Christopher Nkunku to play off of and Conor Gallagher to hide behind when defending. Though improbable and unlikely to occur in reality, what if?

However, Mbappe wouldn’t sign with a team outside of the Champions League, and Chelsea is far from that. Put your daydreaming aside.

At the highest level right now, there is fierce competition for forwards, and Arsenal is one of the few teams chasing one in 2024. Chelsea is keeping an eye out, whether it’s in January for the summer or in the summer itself.

After closely monitoring Victor Osimhen for the majority of the previous two years, the club was discussing a potential bid this month.London is aware of this and is still considering signing him. Even though the 24-year-old recently signed a new contract with Napoli, there is still speculation that he may leave the team soon.

According to reports, Chelsea is reportedly exploring an offer that would see him join at the end of the current campaign, similar to the summer transfer of Nkunku from RB Leipzig to Stamford Bridge. This isn’t the only option available concerning Osimhen, but it’s unquestionably one that benefits Chelsea. comments: It’s not necessary to rush things, even though a top-tier striker in January could see Chelsea move up the table quickly. They are creating enough opportunities each week to suggest that better finishing is the difference between being tenth and challenging for the top six at the very least.

It’s obvious that Osimhen won’t be returning for the winter, but is it really worth adding a less desirable player to complete a deal at this point in the season? Why choose second if Osimhen is the one and everyone agrees—which they probably will since he is unquestionably class—?

It’s not simple to agree on a deal now, especially as Osimhen will want Champions League guarantees similar to those of Mbappe, but it’s not impossible. Due to his connection to Chelsea through Didier Drogba, he might be persuaded to join when the team isn’t in the top four or five in the hopes of moving on to bigger things. This seems improbable as well, but it’s better to get things going now rather than react negatively and choose a subpar course of action later.

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