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Erling Haaland goes wild for 64th-minute moment in Manchester City 5-0 Huddersfield

Fans of Manchester City went crazy for Phil Foden today after the star player scored two goals against Huddersfield Town. At one point, Erling Haaland also joined the Foden craze.

The Championship team lost 5-0 to City at the Etihad Stadium, but City still made it to the fourth round of the FA Cup.

Foden scored two goals on his own, and Julian Alvarez and Jeremy Doky also scored. Oscar Bobb also scored an own goal.

Foden was fun to watch today, as he has been a lot lately since he moved into the middle of the pitch.

He got praise from BBC commentator Leon Osman during the whole game, and he did light up the game at times.

His second goal was great, and it was a great way to use injured City star Erling Haaland…

Of course, Haaland was at the Etihad again today to watch his friends play.

Nolan is back working with the City first team, but he wasn’t quite ready to play today against the Terriers. He might be able to play next Saturday against Newcastle United.

Although this was his eighth missed City game, he didn’t look too angry today, and his friends played really well.

Foden was great again as the number 10 player. His second goal, in the 64th minute, was a beautiful finish with great control that went into the far corner.

Watching the game from the side, Haaland was being filmed. The official FA Cup account on X shared the video, which shows the 23-year-old celebrating his teammate’s goal.

What Haaland did was also caught on BBC iPlayer. The star gave a big smile.

Haaland must really want to play with Foden again.
Foden once again put on a great show. He is really enjoying playing in the middle right now.

The England player has done a great job filling in for Kevin De Bruyne, and many City fans hope that he stays in the middle of the defence, just like he does.

At this point, Haaland probably wants the same thing because Foden has great vision and can play through balls. Everything going on around him and where his friends are are all clear to him.

He’s been working well with Alvarez lately, so you can only think how bad things could get when Haaland is back in charge.

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