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Manchester City has confirmed the Signing of River Plate Midfielder for a shocking transfer fee of £100M

The Argentine club River Plate has announced that Claudio Echeverri will spend a year on loan there after he moves to Manchester City.

The 18-year-old is likely to sign with City this month from the same club that gave them Julian Alvarez two years ago. They paid £14 million for Alvarez in January 2022 and let him go back on loan to River Plate for six months, until the start of City’s pre-season for 2022–23.

The deal for Echeverri, who is younger than Alvarez was when he signed with City, will work the same way. This week, River Plate confirmed that the player will stay with them for a year, until January 2025.

Enzo Francescoli, the sporting director of River, told SportCenter (via ESPN Deportes) that the move will go through and that Echeverri will stay at River for one year as part of the deal.

Francescoli said, “I see the same man I saw last year. He is very calm.” Obviously he has things going on inside. It’s okay, though; he’s a good boy. A lot more is going on in his life than what happens to him when he is 18. He is very well. I talked to him a few days ago. He’s fine and calm.

Fans of River were upset that the club didn’t extend Echeverri’s contract. The director responded to the complaints but also said that his team couldn’t really keep the player because of how expensive football is in South America.

“I get it. People get antsy and don’t understand how things work. He said, “There is no longer an ideal world as we have always thought of it.” “Globalisation is something you have to deal with every day.” In sports, the same thing takes place. There’s no reason to be shocked. It is hard to keep long-term projects going.

“These are the ones that everyone knows will happen: players like Claudio who surprise and excite a lot of people.” There are faraway markets and close ones, like Brazil, which has a stronger economy than us and an easy way to get there. River has that situation to think about letting him play for a year at least.

“He stays with us for another year and there is a sale without going to the clause, which is what most people want. The money is about the same.” Along with the boy’s will, his lawyer, and City, who could have waited six months to take him, everything has been done well. There are many things to think about. Today, the market and the situation in Argentina as well.”

“The sale is a great deal for the business. The things that he has are known, but he is only 18 years old. They can’t be bound by a $100 million clause like in Europe, where prices are high. It’s not that simple.”

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