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He was a better player than Kelvin De Bruyne in 2023 but he is highly underrated which is so sad-Jamie Carragher says £43m Man City player was actually better than Kevin De Bruyne in 2023

According to Jamie Carraher, £43m In 2023, a player for Man City outperformed Kevin De Bruyne.
In his EA FC 24 Team of the Year, Jamie Carragher has selected Bernardo Silva over Kevin De Bruyne.

On Sky Sports (via their YouTube channel), the analyst underlined how Silva has been outstanding for the Sky Blues this season while De Bruyne has been mostly sidelined due to injury.

Jamie Carragher recently revealed his dismay at Gary Neville’s choice to leave the £43 million (The Telegraph) player off of his Premier League Team of the Season roster.

In his Team of the Year selection, Jamie Carragher chooses Bernardo Silva above Kevin De Bruyne.
Naturally, the Manchester City pair was able to play important roles in securing the team’s triple last season.

However, because of the hamstring injury he sustained in City’s Premier League opener, De Bruyne has only able to make two appearances this season.

“After all, Kevin De Bruyne has only played half of the games that we are voting on due to his season-long injury. Bernardo Silva said Sky Sports, “I think he was Manchester City’s best player this year. He was outstanding again last year, Bernardo Silva,”

Additionally, he plays on the side of the midfield three that he prefers to play, which offers his team a wonderful balance.

Choosing Bernardo Silva over the Manchester City great is very reasonable.
Although it’s hard to argue that Bernardo Silva was superior to Kevin De Bruyne in the previous season, we think Jamie Carragher made the right choice in selecting Silva for his Team of the Year.

Sadly, the Belgian maestro’s injury problems are the only reason he isn’t playing for the team.

Bernardo Silva, on the other hand, has mostly been playing at a high level this season.

It might be argued that Bernardo Silva and Kevin De Bruyne ought to have been in the starting lineup.

However, given that Jamie Carragher did not select both, it is only fitting that the Portuguese midfielder was selected in the starting lineup rather than the 32-year-old.

Though there aren’t many players who can compete with Kevin De Bruyne when he’s playing at his best, one may anticipate having him on any club in 2024 after he returns to full health.

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