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Chelsea FLOP has just left Stanford Bridge Stadium this evening to join Totheham Huspor on a loan deal and buy clause of £15m

This week, the former Chelsea forward went on loan to Spurs, where he will remain until the conclusion of the year.

In his two seasons at Stamford Bridge, 27-year-old Werner netted 29 goals in 83 games for the Blues.

Werner’s skill was always undeniable, although he frequently faced criticism for finishing in front of the goal.

But with Son Heung-Min in the Asia Cup, Ange Postecoglou moved quickly to sign the German and the club have the option of buying him for £15m at the conclusion of the season.

And if Werner can work on his finishing, Berbatov believes he has a chance to disprove the critics.

“To be honest, I did not expect it to be a surprise signing,” Betfair Ambassador Berbatov said to

The club has been working on this deal well before the transfer season opened. Now that he’s back in England, one of two things could occur: either he shows everyone that he’s back and better than before, or things won’t work out.

“For the benefit of the team, let’s hope that Timo will be a better player than he was at Chelsea, particularly better in front of goal. He was creating scoring opportunities, but his final touch in front of goal was lacking.” He will be a fantastic addition to the club if he can improve on that.

Spurs’ play under Postecoglou has greatly improved after periods under Antonio Conte and Jose Mourinho.

In the Premier League this season, only Spurs, Aston Villa, and Liverpool have scored more goals than Spurs; in fact, Postecoglou’s team is just three goals behind leaders City in the standings.

Furthermore, Berbatov thinks Werner’s tendency to close the distance behind him may work well for players like James Maddison.

“Believe me, having that run in behind the defender is a great weapon,” stated Berbatov.

‘If you are bright enough and you have the speed, because you might have the speed but be stupid and you don’t know what to do. To identify and know when to explore the gap behind the defenders, you must be nimble, quick, and astute.

He has teammates that can pass the ball to him, so maybe he can score and dish out assists. I think he’s a really excellent signing for the team and also that he’s not [signed] on the last day of the window. Hopefully, he’s healthy and prepared to join the team right away.

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