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Kalvin Phillips has just become the most hated player in the Premier League after leaving Manchester City to join premier league rivals!

Since September, Kalvin Phillips has only played 19 minutes of Premier League football, which is insufficient to get him ready for Euro 2024. Given that he has only started two of his ten games this season, it is not surprising that a Manchester City departure is anticipated this month.

In actuality, he has only started six of the thirty-one games he has played since arriving in 2022. Phillips came in to push Rodri for his place, but the Spaniard has improved his skills to become the best defensive midfielder in the world.

However, Pep Guardiola hasn’t really used Rodri, even in his absence. With Phillips’ most recent appearance coming in the Club World Cup semi-final victory over Urawa Red Diamonds about a month ago, he has declined to rule out a January departure for the player.

Clubs with a passion for Phillips
Newcastle, where Sandro Tonali is serving a 10-month betting suspension, has been most frequently linked to a transfer for the midfield player. Financial Fair Play considerations limit the Magpies, so a relocation might not be inevitable.

According to Most Read Reports, Tottenham has reportedly entered the competition for the midfield player. Fulham and Crystal Palace have also been mentioned as potential suitors. Juventus had a long-standing relationship before they declared themselves eliminated from the competition.

Loan or long-term departure?
Most likely a loan, barring the presentation of an alluring offer. With four and a half years remaining on his contract, Phillips may command a high price in the summer when teams may have more money. Newcastle would be more interested in that possibility because they are aware of FFP and will be welcoming Tonali back in August. But City will probably want a loan fee for the 28-year-old, which might influence the choices made by clubs.

What Phillips has spoken on his prospects
“He (Gareth Southgate) just says for me to keep my spot I’ve got to be playing games and that’s what I want to do,” Phillips stated in an October speech while playing for England. That’s something I agree with Gareth on, and I know that I should be playing games.

“Over the coming months, I will need to make a decision about whether or not to compete every single week. It’s obviously huge because I want to play football as often as possible and I’m a highly competitive football player.

“I’ve been unable to accomplish that for the past year and a half because of injuries and other circumstances, so it’s something I’m going to have to consider. Hopefully, my opportunity will present itself, but if not, I’ll need to make other decisions as well.”

What Guardiola stated on Phillips’ prospects
When questioned in December about a potential transfer, Guardiola replied, “Kalvin is a player with us; I don’t want to anticipate anything at all.” Everyone is aware of his predicament. Depending on whether it occurs. If it occurs, we have a conversation. The market is difficult in January. We still have a tonne of amazing things to aim for when we make our decision.

He had written: “The club has the final say” one month prior. Proceed with his decision to leave if he so chooses. He remains if the deal is not followed. He’s acting rather strangely. Honestly, one of the most giving athletes I’ve ever seen. Nobody knows what will happen to Kalvin while the transfer window is open, so I have no idea.

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