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Coming from Fabrizio Romano this morning Manchester city has signed £26m gem who is combination of Messi & Maradona

Manchester City said that they have bought a £26 million jewel who is a blend of Messi and Maradona.
Manchester City have been informed that they are signing a very exceptional talent in Claudio Echeverri, who has been compared to both Lionel Messi and Diego Maradona.

Daniel Brizuela, the man who first scouted the Argentina U17 international for River Plate, made the statements while chatting with Pagina 12.

So, what was said about Claudio Echeverri after Manchester City signed a deal with River Plate? Let us have a look.

Manchester City announced that they have signed a blend of Messi and Maradona.
This is quite a statement to make about an 18-year-old.

Nevertheless, it demonstrates how highly Echeverri is regarded in Argentina.

Brizuela told Pagina 12: “He is a footballer who resembles Maradona and Messi. He has Diego’s mentality, the great desire to seize the ball and move forward. The other aspect is football, in which he is extremely similar to Lionel, with his dribble that begins on the flank, moves to the centre, and ends with a goal.”


If this is the case, Manchester City’s overall package of £26 million paid for Echeverri may soon appear to be a bargain.

However, the teenager has been loaned back to River Plate for 12 months, so fans of Manchester City will have to wait a while to see him play at the Etihad Stadium.

Manchester City must protect Echeverri from such statements.
While it must be good for Echeverri to be likened to Messi and Maradona, Manchester City – and River Plate – must ensure that such adulation does not put undue pressure on the South American potential.

The £26 million price tag is undoubtedly weighing hard on his shoulders, therefore both teams have a duty of care to look after the Resistencia-born prodigy.

Hopefully, Echeverri will realise his enormous potential without any setbacks and become an important player for Manchester City.

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