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Coming from Fabrizio Romano this Morning City Captain -“They’re not a threat to us in anyway because they have FOUR things Mikel Arteta is yet to put to order, untill then, NO Premier League title for Arsenal”- Man City Belgian Skipper Kevin De Bruyne mention FOUR shocking reasons why Arsenal won’t smell the PL trophy anytime soon

Kevin De Bruyne is one of the most skilled and well-respected players in the Premier League, therefore his opinions are heard and taken seriously. De Bruyne recently stated in an interview that he believes Arsenal is not a serious contender in the Premier League competition right now. He acknowledged the club’s heritage and stature but underlined that in order to compete with the best clubs, longer-term consistency and better play are required.

Evaluating Arsenal’s Difficulties

Putting Together a Competitive Squad: With management and squad composition changes in recent years, Arsenal has gone through a transitional phase. The team must put together a talented and well-rounded group of players that can regularly compete with the league’s best teams if it is to compete at the highest level. It will be essential to acquire players who can contribute right away and to reinforce important areas.

Performance Levels and Consistency: De Bruyne’s comments emphasise the need of maintaining high performance levels and consistency throughout the season. Arsenal has showed moments of talent and brilliance, but it has struggled to translate those into wins on a regular basis.

For Arsenal to be considered a serious title contender, they will need to consistently perform at a high level.

Tactical Flexibility and Adaptability: In today’s game, these qualities are critical. Arsenal must create a coherent and successful game plan that makes the most of each player’s talents and is flexible enough to adjust to various opponents and circumstances. Arsenal’s ability to adapt tactically and move quickly in shifting situations will be essential to their league success.

Mental fortitude and Winning Attitude: To compete at the greatest level, one must possess both mental fortitude and a winning attitude. Arsenal needs to instill in its players a mindset of perseverance, tenacity, and faith. Their advancement in the Premier League competition will depend heavily on their ability to perform under duress and cultivate a winning mindset.

Arsenal’s Future Course

De Bruyne’s evaluation acts as a reminder for Arsenal that it still has work to do to be a serious contender in the Premier League. But it’s crucial to remember that football is a dynamic, constantly changing sport where things may turn around quickly. Arsenal’s ardent fan base and rich history can act as a catalyst for success in the team’s quest.

In order to overcome the obstacles mentioned, Arsenal needs to concentrate on a few crucial areas. This entails building a winning attitude within the team, establishing a consistent and effective playing style, strategically bringing in new players to bolster the roster, and offering stability and support to the manager.

Arsenal will need to exercise patience, tenacity, and long-term planning in order to rebuild its reputation as a serious contender in the Premier League.

Consideration of Arsenal’s difficulties is prompted by Kevin De Bruyne’s evaluation of the team’s standing in the Premier League. His comments point out areas that need work, but they also give Arsenal hope that they can rise to the challenge.

Arsenal can establish themselves as real competitors in the Premier League and restore their spot among the top teams by tackling these issues, assembling a strong team, being dependable, and encouraging a winning mindset.

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