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Former Man City Star Sergio Aguero will start training with former team this week ahead of stunning football return

Reports state that Sergio Aguero will start exercising with his old team in anticipation of a potential football comeback.

Aguero declared his retirement from the game shortly after joining Barcelona in 2021, having previously played for Manchester City.

Aguero was admitted to the hospital due to chest problems he had during Barcelona’s 1-1 draw with Deportivo de Alaves.

After learning that the Argentine had a heart arrhythmia, medical professionals advised him to give up playing the sport.

Sergio Aguero reportedly gave a recording from his cardiologist indicating that the storied Manchester City star might return to the pitch, according to Mundo Deportivo.

“With the way things are going thus far, playing won’t be an issue for you eventually. We must logically administer the tests and force you to run as though it were a game. It’s true that having two centre defenders means you have to pretend or do something similar, so you have to be ready for everything. According to Mundo Deportivo, the cardiologist advised Aguero to “get ready, there is some hope.”

After it was revealed that Aguero might play for a short spell, questions regarding whether he would rejoin Carlos Tevez’s former team, Independiente, were raised.

“What do you expect me to do if Carlitos [Tevez, Independiente manager] calls me?” he asked.

“We can say that you’re doing very well and that you have to get in good enough shape to be there for a few minutes,” the cardiologist continued. However, you appear well, you’re working hard, and you had no problems at all. We will be keeping a closer eye on you. To put it briefly… Absolutely, it is feasible. You’re doing well.

Despite his health problems, Sergio Aguero continues to play in Gerard Pique’s seven-a-side Kings League.

Aguero experienced chest pain 41 minutes into his first start for Barcelona against Alaves in 2021.

He even required on-field medical attention before to halftime. Aguero, 35, finally decided to announce his retirement from football after being advised to take it easy.

Aguero announced his retirement at a press conference in December 2021.

Back then, an emotional Aguero declared, “My health comes first.” After receiving advice from medical professionals that it would be best to retire from professional football, I am leaving Barcelona.

For Manchester City supporters, hearing that Aguero is returning would be fantastic. They will be thrilled to see their all-time top scorer return.

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