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“He was never worth it,He’s just a waste of money.”- Man City Manager Pep Guardiola says £27M Arsenal player was a really poor signing and could make Arsenal end this season trophyless if care is not taken Not Havertz, Not Kiwior and not Fabio Vieira

Pep Guardiola has sparked controversy with his recent critique of Arsenal’s goalkeeper, David Raya, who cost the club £27 million. Despite Raya’s generally solid performance, Guardiola pinpointed a moment where he failed to stop a long shot, raising doubts about his suitability as Arsenal’s top choice.


  • Guardiola’s blunt assessment of Raya’s price tag as excessive adds another layer to the debate surrounding his signing. While some may see labeling Raya a “complete waste of money” as harsh, it prompts reflection on the reasoning behind his acquisition.


The decision to opt for Raya over Aaron Ramsdale, who performed well in the previous season, calls into question Arsenal’s transfer strategy. Contrasting Ramsdale’s reliability with the choice to bring in Raya inevitably invites scrutiny.


Was it a wise move considering Ramsdale’s form, and does Raya truly offer an improvement? These questions linger as pundits analyze and critique Raya’s performance against Porto.


Guardiola’s comments shed light on broader discussions within the footballing community about Arsenal’s transfer policies and how they affect the team’s performance. The scrutiny surrounding Raya’s signing prompts introspection into Arsenal’s approach to squad strengthening and whether it aligns with their ambitions for success.


Ultimately, Guardiola’s critique highlights the challenges and pressures faced by both players and clubs in football’s competitive landscape. As Arsenal deals with the fallout from Raya’s performance and Guardiola’s remarks, the focus remains on addressing weaknesses and making strategic decisions to support their goals.

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