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Manchester City Star Phil Foden reveals the meaning behind his new celebration and the nickname he’s been given by teammates

Phil Foden’s celebration has an explanation now known.

Foden debuted a unique celebration last month following his hat-trick in Manchester City’s 3-1 victory over Brentford.

The Englishman knelt on the turf and made a gun-like gesture with his hands after scoring.

In the derby on Sunday afternoon, Foden’s brace against Manchester United proved to be the game-winner.


Following his goal, Foden once more gave his now-famous celebration.

In a speech last month, Foden clarified its significance.

It’s just a little banter between me and the boys, he remarked. They claim that in the five-a-side games, I shoot a lot. My nickname is the sharpshooter.

After defeating United, Kyle Walker stated in the post-match interview: “We call Phil the sniper because he likes to shoot.” You can tell he has the ability to choose his place when he enters on his left foot. He did a terrific job achieving his goals.

We depend on him, and we require key players. He works hard and practices. His objectives are being met, and he is enjoying the benefits.

Gary Neville, a former United player, was all love for Foden when he spoke on Sky Sports.

Derby matches can be intense and passionate events sometimes’, he remarked. However, it means a great deal to local athletes who have gone through the academy. Ice cold is how Phil Foden is.

“The unique ability that has been hailed for years as having promise and potential is here to stay today. He is really a fantastic player.

Picture Source: Getty
Picture Source: Getty
“It’s important that it’s him,” he said. City is well-positioned going into the championship match.

Neville commented, “Manchester City couldn’t afford to drop points today, the way the title race is going and the games they have coming up.” regarding the effect the City victory would have on the fight for the championship. Arsenal comes next, followed by Liverpool.

They have an exciting few weeks ahead of them. This is where it all began. There was a slight panic early on, but they handled the task well.

“Manchester United were defending so well, but they can’t do that for ninety minutes,” stated Micah Richards, a former City player. Ultimately, the calibre was evident. They are two distinct teams, one of which is self-discovering. Manchester City’s superiority completely astounded them.”

Next Saturday, City and Liverpool will square off in what promises to be an exciting championship six-point match.

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