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They were just lucky today if not scoring hattrick against today could have been easy but Nevertheless we go again the title is ours’: Man city striker Erling Haaland delivers His honest verdict on Arsenal vs Man City clash today

Erling Haaland of Manchester City has given his frank evaluation of his team’s matchup with Arsenal as the dust settles on another exciting Premier League game.

Haaland is unwavering in his opinion that the title race is far from over, even though the conclusion did not favor his team. During a post-match interview, the prolific striker admitted that Manchester City’s inability to secure a conclusive victory was due to a fortunate escape for Arsenal.

Haaland’s observations, which acknowledge that luck had a big influence on the result, are in line with the feelings of a lot of football fans who witnessed the game.

Taking stock of the lost chances and near-misses, Haaland said he was confident his side would overcome the setback. The Norwegian attacker expressed his disappointment at losing such an important match, but he did not waver in his conviction that Manchester City is still the team to beat. Haaland’s remarks capture the steadfast will and resiliency that permeate the Manchester City camp. The squad is still committed to winning the Premier League, even in the face of hardship. Every setback presents a chance for development, and Haaland is certain that Manchester City will rise to the occasion. Haaland highlighted the significance of retaining concentration and energy in the next games. Every point counts more as the race for the championship heats up, and Manchester City is ready to fight to the death for every win. Finally, Erling Haaland’s candid analysis of the Arsenal vs.

Manchester City match highlights how competitive the Premier League is. Despite the possibility that luck contributed to the result, Haaland and his colleagues are unfazed in their quest for greatness. Manchester City is still committed to regaining its title as English football champions, and they have their sights set firmly on the goal.

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