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“I never played as much as I would have hoped under you, You didn’t believe in me and my ability, I was alwsys on the bench.”-β€˜I just hope we don’t sign or sell any players until we get a new manager in.’-Chelsea star has apologised to Mauricio Pochettino after his exit! 😲😲

After leaving Chelsea, Reece James wrote Mauricio Pochettino a note of encouragement and expressed his “sorry” for being unavailable this season.

After a successful season that saw Chelsea win the Premier League five times in a row, Pochettino was anticipated to be given a second season with the club.

But after an end-of-season evaluation that finally put an end to Pochettino’s tenure, Chelsea’s management chose to choose a new manager.

James, on the other hand, missed six starts in his six starts under Pochettino because of a hamstring issue that needed surgery in December.

Additionally, the Chelsea captain apologized to Pochettino for missing much of the season due to injury.

James said, “Thank you for everything, boss,” on Instagram.

From the beginning of our relationship, we clicked like a couple.

I apologize, but I was unable to manage why I didn’t play as much as I would have liked under you.

When many others questioned me, you gave me a great responsibility and showed me that you trusted in me.

Additionally, a particular thank you to the other employees, Jesus Perez, Toni Jimenez, Miguel D’Agostino, and Sebastiano Pochettino, who all contributed significantly in a way that few people would witness. I appreciate you all and wish you well going forward.

Chelsea is a large team, and everyone wants to place higher than sixth, but you have to consider where we started the season and where we have finishedβ€”13th and 12thβ€”over the course of the campaign. Evidently, last season was the same, Palmer remarked.

Therefore, returning to Europe is a positive move.

The fact that every player adores the manager and wants to fight for him gives the manager a lot of credit. It’s evident to everybody that we are still forming our identity.

Before leaving, Djordje Petrovic, the goalkeeper for Chelsea, stated the following about Pochettino in an interview with MailOnline: Personally, I think highly of him and the entire coaching team since they gave me a chance and had faith in me.

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