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“He has everything and currently the best player in Liverpool, if Liverpool Sells him his replacement are rare and he is fast too.-Manchester City Captain Kyle Walker hails Liverpool star as the ‘best in the world’. Injury Ruined his Career last season, but he will get back stronger this season.

Manchester City’s Kyle Walker recently commended Liverpool’s Trent Alexander-Arnold for his extraordinary passing skills, stating he has never witnessed such precision from anyone else.


Alexander-Arnold’s reputation has soared this season due to his consistently impressive performances.


Jurgen Klopp has adjusted his role, allowing Alexander-Arnold to push into midfield and deliver pinpoint passes.


Speaking on Rio Ferdinand’s YouTube channel, Walker highlighted Alexander-Arnold’s advanced play over the past months, describing him as a “quarterback at right-back.” He said, “I’ve never seen anyone pass the ball like he does. Whether it’s with his left or right foot, a long pass, or a pinpoint delivery, his ability is phenomenal. Liverpool’s direct playing style greatly benefits from his passing.”


Walker also defended Alexander-Arnold against criticisms of his defensive abilities, noting, “People criticize his defending, but everyone has areas to improve. His defensive skills have improved significantly with experience.”


Both players have been pivotal for their teams this season.


Walker has appeared in 38 games for Manchester City, providing three assists, while Alexander-Arnold has scored twice and made 10 assists in 29 matches for Liverpool.

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