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“ARE WE HIGH ON SOMETHING” Manchester United star player reacts to Erik ten Hag and Sir Jim Ratchlife decision to bring in Chelsea Defender Ben Chiwell Sources close to the club reveal that the star player in question has expressed serious reservations about the potential impact of Chilwell’s arrival In a stunning twist at Old Trafford, a Manchester United star player has broken silence on the club’s bold move orchestrated by Erik ten Hag and Sir Jim Ratchlife to bring in Chelsea Defender Ben Chilwell! ⚽🔥

Manchester United is currently contemplating a move for Chelsea’s Ben Chilwell in the upcoming transfer window, aiming to strengthen their left-back position and provide competition for Luke Shaw, as reported by the Daily Mail. Chilwell, an England international, is seen as a strong candidate for this role.


However, there is some reluctance among United fans about Chilwell’s potential transfer to Old Trafford, primarily due to his injury history. Over the past four years, Chilwell has had numerous injuries, causing him to miss a significant number of games. Since his £50 million transfer from Leicester City to Chelsea in 2020, he has missed 103 games and spent around 530 days out due to injuries, including an ACL injury and two severe hamstring tears.


Interestingly, Manchester United showed interest in another Chelsea left-back, Marc Cucurella, just a year ago. The attempt to sign Cucurella, who was managed by Erik ten Hag at the time, failed when a loan deal fell through at the last minute. With Cucurella having performed well in the recent European Championships, some fans believe United might reconsider pursuing him instead of Chilwell.


Chelsea appears open to offers for either Chilwell or Cucurella, signaling a willingness to part with one of their left-back options. This comes as they prepare to strengthen their squad with the likely signing of Renato Veiga from FC Basel, who could potentially replace one of the departing defenders.


Manchester United’s careful deliberation reflects their strategic approach to addressing squad needs for the upcoming season. While Chilwell brings experience and international quality, his injury history has led to mixed opinions among fans. The club’s leadership will need to consider these factors as they navigate the summer transfer market.

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