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Coming live from Old Trafford, Rio Ferdinand speak on behalf of Mason Greenwood as striker move to Marseille COLLAPSE after The mayor of Marseille publicly opposed Mason Greenwood’s expected move to the Ligue 1 side. He said ” I’m deeply sad for Mason Greenwood he’s being rejected even in his own country I plead on his behalf, I’m not supporting his actions but United fans should give him another chance he made a mistake I spoke with him he just sorry and wants play and enjoy football again. I implore on the whole of England let forgive and help revive his career he now has a family to take care of”. Marseille’s mayor opposes Mason Greenwood’s ‘unbearable’ move to the club and vows to tell them to ‘call off the major mistake’… insisting he doesn’t want his club ‘SHAMED by someone who hits his wife Greenwood needs to be forgiven. This words of Ferdinand has touched the heart of some fans😔🙀💔

### Marseille Mayor Opposes Mason Greenwood’s Transfer to Ligue 1 Team


The mayor of Marseille has expressed strong opposition to the potential transfer of Mason Greenwood to a Ligue 1 club, emphasizing that he does not want the team “tainted by someone who hits his wife.” Greenwood, a Manchester United player, was arrested in January 2022 on charges of attempted rape, assault, and coercive behavior but hasn’t played for the club since then. Although the Crown Prosecution Service dropped the charges and Manchester United completed an internal investigation, Greenwood’s future remains in limbo.


Greenwood spent the last season on loan at Getafe, where he scored 10 goals and won the club’s Player of the Season award, catching the attention of Marseille, particularly with the arrival of new manager Roberto De Zerbi. The former Brighton manager has shown willingness to “publicly defend” Greenwood if he joins Marseille, despite the ongoing controversy.


However, Benoit Payan, the mayor of Marseille, has firmly opposed Greenwood’s potential signing, condemning his alleged actions as “unspeakable and unacceptable.” In an interview with RMC Sport, Payan stated, “Greenwood’s behavior is unspeakable, unacceptable. Hitting his wife… I saw images that deeply shocked me. Abusing his wife in this way is unbecoming of a man, and he cannot have his place on this team. The values of OM and Marseille are anything but that. It’s a shame. I will ask Pablo Longoria not to recruit Greenwood. I don’t want my club to be covered with the shame of someone who hits his wife.”


Payan stressed that Olympique de Marseille represents values that do not align with the behavior Greenwood has been accused of. He remarked, “It is unbearable. I cannot imagine for a second that Pablo Longoria would make this major mistake.”


Greenwood, who has consistently denied any wrongdoing, acknowledged the public’s judgment in a statement upon leaving Manchester United last August. He said, “I understand that people will judge me because of what they have seen and heard on social media, and I know people will think the worst. I was brought up to know that violence or abuse in any relationship is wrong. I did not do the things I was accused of, and in February, I was cleared of all charges. However, I fully accept I made mistakes in my relationship, and I take my share of responsibility for the situations which led to the social media post.”


Manchester United, after their internal investigation, concluded that their process considered the wishes, rights, and perspectives of the alleged victim, as well as the club’s standards and values. They sought to gather as much information and context as possible, including evidence not in the public domain. The club determined that the material posted online did not provide a full picture and that Greenwood did not commit the offenses he was originally charged with. However, they acknowledged that he made mistakes and took responsibility for them. They mutually agreed it would be best for him to continue his career away from Old Trafford.


Marseille has emerged as a leading contender for Greenwood’s signature, with interest from several European clubs. Reports suggest Marseille has made an offer worth £27 million, including a substantial sell-on fee. Incoming head coach Roberto De Zerbi expressed interest in working with Greenwood, stating, “Greenwood isn’t recruited yet, so there isn’t much to say. He’s a champion, an international-level player. I don’t know what happened; I’m not concentrating on private lives. When a player signs for the club, I consider him my child. Even if I can pull his ear in private, I will defend him publicly. My players are like my sons.”


Despite De Zerbi’s willingness to support Greenwood, Marseille fans have launched a public campaign, #GreenwoodNotWelcome, insisting that signing the player could cause “irreversible damage” to the club’s reputation. A statement on OM Forum highlighted the club’s values and expressed that Greenwood’s transfer would cross a red line for many supporters, irreparably damaging their passion for the club.

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