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“They Came Up Short” he is very underated-Manchester City star expresses disbelief at Enzo Fernandez low rating

They didn’t do well enough. A Manchester City player is shocked by Enzo Fernandez’s low ranking.

Julian Alvarez, a striker for Man City, can’t believe that his country partner Enzo Fernandez got a low score for the upcoming EAFC game.

Enzo Fernandez got a low grade, and the star player for Manchester City was shocked.

In an Instagram post, the Argentine said Fernandez’s score of 83 should have been much higher.

The World Cup winner is having a great season at Chelsea and has won both of his first two games in qualifying for the 2026 World Cup.

As club football starts up again, the annual computer game from EA Sports is about to come out. As part of their marketing plan, some players’ scores from 1-99 have been made public.

Alvarez looked at Enzo’s score and said, “They came up short.” The player said he didn’t like it and hopes EA Sports organisers will pay attention.

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