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Chelsea is Set to Sign 20 years old Player Maker who scored the same Goal as Lionel Messi last Season

A €32 million star who has tied a Haaland record was recommended to Todd Boehly. Tell Todd Boehly to sign a €32 million star who has tied the Haaland record.

Chelsea should think about making a bid for another player on the Parc des Princes team’s roster while teams around Europe will be salivating over the idea of Kylian Mbappe becoming a free agent next summer.

Xavi Simons began the season on loan with RB Leipzig and excelled there. In the history of the Bundesliga, only Erling Haaland and Paco Alcacer, both of Borussia Dortmund, have ever had such a significant impact in such a short amount of time.

The 20-year-old, whose Expected Transfer Value (xTV) is €32 million, has only participated in four German matches but has already contributed to seven goals. Amazingly, he has succeeded despite failing miserably in his debut.

But since then, he has scored and assisted in three straight games and added a second pivotal pass against Stuttgart for good measure.

He carried on that streak against Augsburg on Saturday, winning 3-0.

Simons may be signed by PSG, but there are indications that the Netherlands star is unsure about staying with the Parisian team in the long term. In fact, there were concerns that he wouldn’t exercise a €15 million option to rejoin the team from PSV in the previous summer.

The possibility of moving may now arise next summer.

The ideal choice for Chelsea Simons
Simons will undoubtedly want to move up in terms of the caliber of the team he plays for, and according to data analytics specialists SciSports, Chelsea gives him the best chances.

Given his youth, he fits the description of a player Chelsea are looking for, and the Blues are the Premier League team with the highest rating in SciSports’ career counseling tool.

In addition, despite not being a center forward, he offers the cutting edge in the last third that the Stamford Bridge team so desperately needs.

However, Chelsea has rivals. Only a small distance separates Newcastle from them in the rankings. This season, the Magpies will play in the Champions League and have a growing reputation.

Beyond these teams, PSG is the next-best major club for Simons, closely followed by Barcelona and Bayern Munich, who have a history of snatching the finest players from the Bundesliga in recent seasons.

Chelsea would be irresponsible if they did not already have Simons on their radar as a player to watch this season.

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