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Chelsea Legend John Terry has announced he is buying surprising Premier League club

For many people of a certain age, the first person who comes to mind when you consider Chelsea Football Club is former club captain John Terry. Terry wants to purchase a 10% interest in the team.

On game days, a sizable banner with the words “Captain, leader, legend” on it still flies over Stamford Bridge, demonstrating the respect in which he is still regarded.

The news that the club stalwart wants to purchase a 10% stake in the west London team may cause some skepticism, but it will almost definitely be warmly received by the Stamford Bridge supporters as a whole.

There’s a long, long way to go before any deal is likely to be brokered, however.

According to The Telegraph (subscription required), Terry is part of a group that would have to secure fan investment through the online technology platform PrimaryBid in order to be able to get the amount required to get current owner Todd Boehly interested.

The co-founder and chief executive of PrimaryBid is Anand Sambasivan who just so happens to be a season-ticket holder at Chelsea.

There surely has to be question marks over any deal that would require the investment of supporters to help get it over the line though.

There are already enough blurred lines in Chelsea’s current ownership model, and they can ill afford any more scrutiny from the Premier League and various authorities.

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