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He’s playing at a high level, Pep Guardiola would have help him to become the best player in the world if he had joined City”- Man United legend Rio Ferdinand praises Arsenal star who he wished is a city player instead of Arsenal

Rio Ferdinand, a revered figure in Manchester United’s storied history, recently heaped praise upon an Arsenal player whose impact has far exceeded expectations following the club’s significant investment in the former West Ham captain, Declan Rice. Despite initial skepticism surrounding Rice’s hefty price tag of £105 million, Ferdinand emphasized the transformative effect Rice has had on Arsenal’s overall performance. In fact, Ferdinand drew parallels to his own experience as a high-profile transfer, highlighting the inevitable scrutiny that comes with being a player of such value.

Ferdinand specifically highlighted Rice’s seamless integration into Mikel Arteta’s team, commending his ability to hit the ground running in the Arsenal midfield. It’s worth noting that Rice played an instrumental role in Arsenal’s runner-up finish to Manchester City in the previous season, showcasing his immediate impact and influence on the team. The football legend also praised Rice’s recent standout performances against Manchester United and Everton, underscoring the 24-year-old’s exceptional form and how it has effectively silenced any initial doubts about his transfer fee.

The Manchester United icon went on to emphasize that the reduced discussions surrounding Rice’s transfer fee are a testament to his exceptional form, drawing on his own experiences as a high-priced transfer during his time at Manchester United. Ferdinand stressed that when a player performs well, the focus naturally shifts from their transfer fee to their on-field contributions. In the case of Rice, his seamless integration into the Arsenal team has significantly enhanced their defensive capabilities, bringing solidity and composure to their overall play.

In summary, Rio Ferdinand’s praise for Declan Rice underscores the transformative impact the player has had on Arsenal’s performance. Rice’s seamless integration into the team, exceptional form, and influential contributions have silenced initial doubts about his transfer fee, drawing parallels to Ferdinand’s own experiences as a high-profile transfer.

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