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Chelsea board send strong warning to Thiago Silva after Yesterday Comment about the Club on an Interview

Thiago Silva is not having a great season, and as the weeks go by, he is getting more and more blame for Chelsea’s problems.

A lot of fans think that his lack of speed keeps the team from moving higher and keeps them back. It looks like it’s also keeping left back Levi Colwill and right back Ben Chilwell off the team. From a statistical point of view, a chart posted by Alex Goldberg on Twitter showed the decline exactly.

The comparison of numbers can be seen in the picture below. Silva’s last season was in red, and his present season is in blue:

The eyes tell the same story: he’s really fighting out there, even more so than last season, when he was on a team that was just as bad. The effects go beyond his own game, too. His appearance changes how the team plays, so the graph above doesn’t show some of the biggest problems caused by his presence.

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