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Mauricio Pochettino Breaks Silence on why Levi Colwill gets more playing time than Chilwell in recent games

Unbelievable: Mauricio Pochettino Discloses Why Levi Colwill Plays More In Recent Games Than Chilwell
Levi Colwill has been given more playing time recently than Ben Chilwell, according to Chelsea manager Mauricio Pochettino, who also provided an explanation.

Ben Chilwell’s absence from certain games and the reasons behind using the Englishman as a left winger were both addressed by Pochettino in a pre-game news conference prior to Wednesday’s match against Brighton.

He continued by saying that Levi Colwill’s superb physical shape had also played a role.

Levi has shown character and I think he gives the squad a very good balance, therefore I am so thrilled with the way he is playing, the coach said.

“There is always the question of what we anticipate from the players. Chilly was a winger, thus we may not have been using him in the greatest way possible. Levi is progressing well, so after we started to play with a winger in that position, like Misha when he returned or possibly Sterling, our aim was to keep him there.

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