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Another Man City player has agreed to join Arsenal in January after observing the Team’s Growth

Here we go: After seeing the team’s development, another Man City player has agreed to join Arsenal in January. For the £50 million star, it will be a dream come true, but for Pep Guardiola, it will be another devastating loss. The Drizzling News.

The England international is hardly playing for Pep Guardiola’s team these days, and when he does, he exhibits signs of nervousness.

The former Leeds midfielder needs a change of scenery, and Janusz Michallik has been talking about the possibility of Phillips eventually moving to Arsenal while on ESPN.

Phillips has undoubtedly teamed up with Declan Rice for England’s greatest football, and Michallik suggested that reuniting these two at the club level may make a lot of sense.

Phillips to the Gunners
Michallik mentioned the potential for the £45 million man to travel to the Emirates.

“Possible, I mean, absolutely, if they (Rice and Phillips) play together. If Kai Havertz attends, I wouldn’t say that’s a vote of disapproval for him, but Odegaard and Rice make their own choices. Phillips is not a holding midfielder, despite the fact that he has frequently been forced to play in that position. I recognize it. I can understand it and understand why Kalvin Phillips would want to transfer there. Mikel Arteta is from Man City, and we’ve seen people migrate to Arsenal in the past; I presume he knows him even if he wasn’t there at the time. There is some risk due to injuries, and Kalvin Phillips hasn’t been this good since he first played for Leeds under Marcelo Bielsa at the start of his career. It’s a better move for Phillips and, I believe, carries greater risk for Arsenal,” said Michallik.

Worth trying
The Yorkshire Pirlo might be a good fit for Arsenal if Manchester City eventually decides to put Phillips on the market.

He enjoys playing with Declan Rice, as is well known, while Mikel Arteta frequently signs players who have previously worked for Pep Guardiola.

Under the right circumstances, Phillips can be a terrific player, therefore a transfer to the Emirates might be the cure-all.

We believe that this is a trade that may make a lot of sense, although it is unclear whether City would sell to Arsenal.

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