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Guardiola is Upset, refuses to admit that BABY COACH Arteta is better than Him, He mentions ONE reason why City lost that isn’t because the Gunners are impressive as he fires a Dissatisfied shot at Arsenal after losing 1-0 at the Emirates

Guardiola is irritated, refuses to acknowledge that BABY COACH Arteta is better than him, and gives ONE reason why City lost that isn’t because the Gunners are good as he fires a dissatisfied shot at Arsenal after losing 1-0 at the Emirates.
Pep Guardiola thinks Manchester City “cannot deny” Rodri’s absence was felt in their defeat to Arsenal.

The reigning Premier League winners were defeated for the third time in a row at the Emirates Stadium. At the Emirates Stadium, it was a cagey affair until Gabriel Martinelli scored in the 87th minute, his effort from distance deflected into the net by a touch from Nathan Ake.

Guardiola’s team had looked dangerous from the start but were unable to maintain their lead. City struggled to establish their flow for extended stretches of the second half. Guardiola felt certain that Rodri’s absence played a role in the defeat, as the Spaniard was suspended following his red card against Nottingham Forest. When asked if his team was missing the midfielder, he responded, “That is a statistic we cannot deny.”

“However, we put players in positions to control more passes, but they [Arsenal] are aggressive in these areas.” We shall return and continue. We will continue.”

Guardiola elaborated on the defeat, saying, “That game, we started really well with two or three chances.” They got the second half off to a great start with the rhythm. It was close, and they got a deflection goal. Congratulations to the winners!

“We made an attempt. We completed the task. I believe there were few opportunities on both sides. Both sides did a fantastic job of high pressing, in my opinion. It was close, and in the end, one action cost us the game.”It went like that for ten minutes [Arsenal on top], and then it was even. We had our moments as well, but it was a close game overall. Regrettably, they did it.”

The reigning Premier League champions enter the October internationals after three straight defeats in domestic competitions. City now occupy third in the table, two points behind North London rivals Arsenal and Tottenham.
Guardiola also stated that his team is allowed to lose games, but he wants to see them return to their best form as quickly as possible. “Yeah, of course, we can lose in Wolves as well,” he added.
“We now have two defeats in a row, followed by the internationals.” We’ll see if they’re fit when they return. Perhaps it is preferable to be there and see what we need to do to catch them, and then [we will] when we return. It has occurred. It was a rough game in Wolves. Arsenal, congratulations. We know exactly what needs to be done, and we do it.”
Pep Guardiola slamming Arsenal for beating Manchester City for the first time in 12 games is a salty take from probably the best manager in modern history.
Pep Guardiola was influenced by the loss to make such remarks about the Gunners.

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