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“He deserves to be playing for a big club like Manchester City, i told him to find his way out of Arsenal and join us”- Liverpool star Trent Alexander Arnold revealed he told Arsenal’s brilliant player who has 11 goals and 10 assists to stop wasting his career at Arsenal and Manchester City

Trent Alexander Arnold urged a great Arsenal player with 11 goals and 10 assists to quit Arsenal and join Liverpool, disqualifying Saka, Odegard, and Martinelli in the process. “He should play for a top club like Liverpool or City,” Arnold remarked.

Star Liverpool player Trent Alexander-Arnold claimed that he had suggested to an unnamed Arsenal player with stellar statistics that he think about switching to a bigger club like Liverpool or Manchester City. Alexander-Arnold highlighted the player’s prowess, boasting 11 goals and 10 assists, without mentioning the player’s name. Contrary to common assumptions like Saka, Odegaard, or Martinelli, the person in issue was really 24-year-old midfielder Declan Rice of Arsenal, who had recently joined the Gunners from West Ham United.

The respect for Rice’s skills extended to their work together on the national team, where they both played significant roles for England. Rice’s outstanding accomplishments throughout the years were highlighted by Alexander-Arnold, who voiced his wish to play for England in a three-man midfield formation with Rice and Jude Bellingham, a star for Real Madrid. Alexander-Arnold praised Rice’s knowledge of the sport and asserted that the 24-year-old has the potential to become a player of the highest caliber. He praised Rice’s recent accomplishments at Arsenal under Mikel Arteta’s direction and predicted that the midfielder would have significant future growth.

Rice’s performance in the Premier League, highlighted by his 212 appearances, 11 goals, and 10 assists, was emphasized, highlighting his importance to both club and country. The piece finally portrayed Trent Alexander-Arnold’s respect for Declan Rice and his confidence in Rice’s future football ability.

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