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Former Liverpool STAR Player Sadio Mane has officially bought a football club England for a whooping sum of £50million!!

Sadio Mane has taken ownership of the club after assisting the French football team in their summertime player acquisitions.

Senegalese striker Sadio Mané of Al-Nassr has signed with Bourges Foot 18, a fourth-tier French team.

The former Liverpool player is said to have wanted to invest in a football team for some time, and according to ESPN, he was inspired to do so by his friendship with Cheikh Sylla, the previous president of Bourges Foot 18.

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Although Mané is rumored to have given the team some cash to help with player acquisitions during the summer transfer season, Wednesday’s announcement officially names him as the team’s new owner, a move that has already received approval from Yann Galut, the mayor of the city.

A French football team called Bourges Foot 18 plays in the fourth division of the country, the Championnat National, Group B. The team is based in the heart of Paris.

After only one victory this season, the team is now in second place in Group B of the competition. In France, they have never finished higher than the second division.

Mane hopes to lead the club on an incredible journey in the years to come, especially since the club was only established in 2021.

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