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His experience is required now; you cannot discard your own because He once betrayed you’: Pochettino is prepared to persuade Chelsea Loanee to return by January because his experience is now required in the Club

Chelsea is currently facing a significant conundrum regarding the potential swap of Romelu Lukaku for Tammy Abraham, even though the club is undeniably struggling to find the firepower they need up front. Recent matches have highlighted the Blues’ woes, most notably a 2-0 defeat to Brentford at Stamford Bridge, which came as a hammer-blow following an encouraging performance against Arsenal in their previous game.

The recurring issue for Chelsea is their inability to find the back of the net, which has resulted in a series of disappointing losses, leaving their fans at home disheartened. While the club made an important signing in Nicolas Jackson, the need for goals remains a pressing concern. There is hope in the return of Christopher Nkunku from injury, but it’s worth noting that he plays a slightly deeper role than an outright No.9.

Recent reports from the Mirror suggest that Roma is contemplating the idea of offering Tammy Abraham in a potential swap deal for Romelu Lukaku, who is currently on loan with the Serie A giants. However, data from SciSports indicates that such a swap would be a glaring mistake. This analysis takes into account the playing style of the strikers and how Chelsea approaches their matches. Lukaku stands out with a club-fit ranking of third in the Premier League for Chelsea, showcasing his compatibility with the team’s tactics. On the other hand, Tammy Abraham, while delivering in terms of finishing, falls short in passing and pressing, ranking much lower.

It’s essential to consider Romelu Lukaku’s current loan spell with Roma, where he has been in sublime form, netting eight goals in just ten games this season. This impressive track record suggests that he could be a crucial asset for Chelsea. On the other hand, Tammy Abraham, though initially showing promise during his first season at Roma with 27 goals, experienced a significant drop in performance, finding the net only nine times in his subsequent campaign.

In light of these facts, the potential swap between Lukaku and Abraham could have far-reaching consequences for Chelsea’s performance, and it appears that keeping Lukaku might be the more prudent decision to address the club’s immediate goal-scoring needs.

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