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‘I will STOP their Winning STREAK I promise them that’: Chelsea Star Player Levi Colwill sends strong premier league message to Totheham ahead of their CLASH

Levi Colwill has issued a strong warning to Tottenham as Chelsea aims to disrupt their title hopes. The confident Chelsea player believes they can hand Spurs their first Premier League defeat of the season, and he expects his team to elevate their performance for the upcoming London derby clash.

Chelsea is set to face Tottenham after a significant boost in confidence following a 2-0 Carabao Cup victory over Blackburn. This win has set them up to play Newcastle in the quarter-finals at home. Currently, Chelsea is in the 11th position in the Premier League, trailing behind Spurs, who have made a strong start under Ange Postecoglou and lead the league.

The return of Mauricio Pochettino to the Spurs adds more excitement and importance to the upcoming match, with Chelsea looking to regain momentum and avoid a mid-table position.

Levi Colwill expressed his readiness for the game, highlighting the intensity of the rivalry. He mentioned that Chelsea has the capability to win against any team, regardless of their position in the league. Colwill’s confidence is rooted in their strong performances against top teams like Arsenal and Liverpool, even though those matches ended in draws.

While Chelsea missed key opportunities in previous games, Colwill believes that being more clinical in front of goal can help them secure a victory against a team like Spurs.

In light of their recent Carabao Cup success, Pochettino emphasized the importance of winning the competition for Chelsea, which could also serve as a pathway into European competition, especially as they face challenges in the Premier League.

Levi Colwill recognized the significance of the competition and stressed the need to approach each match with the same mindset. He also emphasized the importance of using cup victories to inspire better league form. Chelsea’s focus remains on maintaining a consistent mindset and performance across all competitions, whether in the cup or the Premier League.

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