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VERY SAD Chelsea News has been announced this Evening by FA after being found guilty of 115 Charges and thier Punishment has been named already

Chelsea and Manchester City have been warned that relegation from the Premier League is a possibility after Everton were docked ten points for violating the Premier League’s Financial Fair Play rules.

The Premier League penalised Everton in March with violating FFP standards after posting financial losses of £371.8 million over a three-year period when the competition’s ceiling is £105 million.

The Premier League has now docked the Toffees ten points, dropping them from 14th to 19th place in the rankings.

Meanwhile, City was penalised earlier this year by the Premier League for 115 violations of its financial regulations spanning the years 2009 to 2018.

The Premier League is also looking into Chelsea for suspected financial rule violations during Roman Abramovich’s reign.

And, according to Stefan Borson, a lawyer who has previously advised City, both Chelsea and Man City are at risk of receiving stiffer punishments than Everton.’Without viewing the judgement/award, -10 points for Everton feels severe for a basic FFP [Financial Fair Play] infraction to me,’ Borson wrote on X.

‘However, it emphasises that fines against City [if proven] and now Chelsea [if charged and accepted on off-the-books payments] might lead to relegation.’

‘Everton Football Club is both startled and saddened by the Premier League’s Commission verdict,’ Everton said in a statement on Friday.

‘The club feels that the Commission imposed a completely excessive and unreasonable sporting sanction. The team has already informed the Premier League of its intention to appeal the verdict.

The appeal procedure will now begin, and the club’s case will be heard in due course by an Appeal Board formed in accordance with Premier League rules.

‘Everton believes that it has always been open and upfront in providing information to the Premier League and that it has always maintained the process’s integrity.

‘The club does not accept the judgement that it failed to operate in good faith, and it does not perceive this to be an allegation made by the Premier League over the course of the proceedings.

‘Both the harshness and severity of the Commission’s sentence are neither fair nor reasonable in light of the evidence given.

‘The club will also closely monitor any decisions made in other situations involving the Premier League’s Profit and Sustainability Rules.

‘Everton cannot comment further on this topic until the appeal process is completed.’

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