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“I can’t continue to be on a bench for Seven Straight game and I haven’t getting a chance to play, Pep Guardiola keeps saying he’s preserving me for Big games when I can’t even start against LIVERPOOL- Graeme Souness says 28-year-old Man City player is ‘going to leave’ in January

Graeme Souness says Jack Grealish should start to think about his future at Manchester City.

The Englishman was a big part of City’s treble-winning season last year, but he has only started nine games this season and hasn’t scored a goal for the team yet.

Someone said that the 28-year-old should think about whether to stay with the treble winners or look for a new job, even though he is only in his third season at the Manchester club.

Souness says Grealish should think about his future with City.
There was this in Souness’s most recent piece for the Daily Mail about Grealish and what is going on with him at City.

“Jack Grealish could not have played on any of the Liverpool teams I was on,” he said. It wouldn’t have been okay with the way he plays. He gets touched too much and doesn’t see the big picture early enough, which slows down the team.

So to put it another way, I can see why Pep Guardiola chose Jeremy Doku over him for Manchester City. Grealish is now very easy to guess. He sends his fullback down the field, checks inside, and then plays it straight. The end result and danger are both gone. He hasn’t scored in 30 games for his club or country, and he’s only set up two goals this season, so there you have it. He plays forward!

MORE MAN CITY STORIES: “Ask 10 full-backs whether they’d rather play against Doku or Grealish, and I think they’ll all say Grealish.” It’s not good for defenders to play fast or directly with the ball. You get in trouble if you dangle a leg the way things are now. Grealish isn’t trying to get past the defence.

“I see him as at a turning point in his City career.” Doku is 21 years old and will keep getting better. Jack is 28 years old. He needs to look at himself very carefully. He needs to be in his glory. Between the ages of 26 and 30, you know more and are physically and mentally better. He’s not going to get better. It’s his time now.

“If I were him, I’d be very worried.” I would be sitting in front of the boss and ask, “What do you think about it?” I’ve won all these awards with you, but the new guy is the best player for me.

“He can’t be a bit-part player with the Euros coming up and the World Cup coming after that. He has to be on the bench.” He is the only one who can decide if that makes him happy. It’s not something I would have put up with. If I was healthy, I wanted to start every game.

Grealish has played 103 times for City in all competitions since signing from Aston Villa for £100 million in 2021. He has scored 11 goals and set up 17 others.

Grealish, who is 28 years old, may not have as many attacking stats as Doku, but Guardiola has chosen him to start in big league games against Newcastle United and Manchester United, as well as in four of their five Champions League group games. This shows how important he is to the team.

According to Souness, Grealish should think about his future at City. We believe that the best thing for the winger to do is to enjoy the competition that Doku has given him for a spot on the team and do his best on the pitch when he gets the chance.

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