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VERY SAD NEWS has been announced for De Bruyne, Erling Haaland and Doku this evening as the players will not get the FIFA Club World Cup Medal

Why if Man City wins, Haaland, De Bruyne, and Doku won’t receive medals FIFA World Cup

The FIFA Club World Cup final between Manchester City and Fluminense takes place on Friday night; however, Erling Haaland, Kevin De Bruyne, and Jeremy Doku will not be playing.


This meant that if Manchester City beat Fluminense, none of the three would win a medal.


Thus, in the event that Manchester City wins the FIFA Club World Cup, why would Erling Haaland, Kevin De Bruyne, and Jeremy Doku not be awarded medals? Let’s examine this.


If Manchester City wins the FIFA Club World Cup, why won’t Haaland, De Bruyne, and Doku receive medals?

Nevertheless, even though the three are still healing from injuries, Pep Guardiola included them in Manchester City’s initial 23-man roster.


That implied that if Manchester City advanced all the way and Haaland, De Bruyne, and the £55.5 million Doku stayed in the 23-man roster, they would be eligible to win medals.


Guardiola, however, has subsequently substituted Micah Hamilton, Max Alleyne, and Mahamadou Susoho for the three in his new 23-man roster for the match against Fluminense. The official FIFA document displays the new lineup.



Haaland, Doku, and De Bruyne will not be receiving medals because only those 23 players in the squad are qualified to do so.


The lineup that defeated Urawa Red Diamonds 3-0 actually had to remain the same since, according to FIFA regulations, players who were not present for the semifinal match cannot participate in the championship game.


FIFA has said that it will only award 23 medals to the players; however, managers have in the past asked for additional to honour all participants.


For instance, following their 2022 FA Cup victory against Chelsea, Liverpool and Jürgen Klopp made the decision to request additional medals from the Football Association (FA), as reported by the Daily Mail.


Although it’s unclear if FIFA will permit extra medals to be awarded as the FA did, Manchester City should be able to get more.



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