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FIFA has just announced VERY SAD NEWS for the Officials and Referees of the match between Arsenal and WestHam and this have cost them thier Job

Thank you to West Ham and my players. I can only tell you that. It’s football here. Considering how much we produced in the game, the outcome is really disheartening. However, they outperformed us in both categories. They were awarded two shots, and the penalty was three. We’ve got thirty—I’m not sure how many touches in the box, how many scenarios, how many chances there were to score—and we haven’t taken advantage of them. If you want to win in football, you have to perform that better. That’s why we didn’t win today.

Is the forwards’ inability to capitalise on those chances a problem?

It is what it is. We must endeavour to produce. We have to attempt 50 or 60 shots to try to score if we don’t score after 30. That is all there is to it. Against a very strong West Ham team, I can’t think of a game where we have more touches in the box, more domination, and fewer opportunities for the opposition. But today, it was insufficient to win the match.

Is this the most annoying evening you have ever experienced as a manager?

Yes, it is. However, football is involved. Typically, a team that produces this much wins games. That’s how we’ve handled it. We produced a great deal against Brighton and Liverpool as well, but we score goals in different ways. We definitely need to take another step in that direction if we want to win games more easily because the team deserved to win tonight. There is no doubt about that.

How did you feel about the first goal’s VAR call?

It’s not anything I’ve seen. They claim it’s not definitive. It’s unfortunate that, given the state of technology, it’s not always easy to determine if anything is in or out. It’s finished. It is no longer there. Right now, there is nothing we can do about it.

Can you internally resolve the chance issue?

The players we have, the players I adore the most, are all we have. All we need to do is work towards improving circumstances, increasing training, and boosting self-assurance. They succeeded.

Do they have confidence issues?

It’s not that, in my opinion. The ball is half a centimetre when you hit it. I’m not sure how many shots you’ve taken, but every time one is blocked, the shot misses. We have to choose the appropriate pass in these circumstances; there are two players free in the box, and I can think of five or six such moves. That’s what determines whether or not you win the games.

Do you think there should have been more camera angles available for the first goal?

I’m not sure. We must win the game without it if the technology available to us at the moment is insufficient to provide us with that answer. That ought to have been plenty given the amount of scenarios we produced in the game.

Does the fact that the box has 77 touches not lead you to believe that the conversion needs to be addressed?

They were excellent. To win, we must put the ball in the net. We did not sufficiently defend the box in the two occasions where we had to. They are a side that excels at timing the arrival of their front players and is very good in the box. That’s what changed things today. We had a very dismal evening because, in my opinion, the game should have yielded greater results.

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