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Coming from Fabrizio Romano this evening Very Sad news has been announced for Man City skipper Phil Foden Mother this evening

In September of last year, at a nightclub, Phil Foden’s mother knocked off a man’s baseball cap, leading to her arrest by the police.

During a weekend spent in North Wales with pals doused in tequila, Claire Rowlands, 44, was taken into custody. According to Llandudno Magistrates’ Court, the mother of the Manchester City player was reportedly ejected from a nightclub after her inebriated actions started a fight.

As reported by The Sun, Rowlands drank shots at a friend’s caravan before partying at a sports bar and later Bentley’s nightclub. After being accused of assaulting someone by bouncers at the latter venue, where CCTV footage showed her removing a baseball cap off a man’s head and then trying to put it back on, she was asked to leave.

“I was intoxicated,” Rowlands admitted to the judge. “I was enjoying myself a little. I’d done it to a boy before. Really, it was just a little bit of fun.”

Foden is a player with the Premier League winners. City of Manchester
Foden is a player with Manchester City, the Premier League winners. (Photo: NurPhoto/REX/Shutterstock/Jose Breton)
Rowlands’s assault conviction was overturned. She was fined £100 in addition to £85 in court costs and a £40 surcharge because she had admitted to being intoxicated and acting disorderly.

She continued, telling the judge, “I was intoxicated. It was merely lighthearted joking. I was just in shock that I may be in trouble for removing someone’s cap. I often pull this party trick where I knock someone’s cap off and put it back on.”

Rowlands reportedly yelled at police to “f*** off” after being kicked out of the club. Following her detention, she was held in the cells for the night. “I kicked off with the police officers,” she acknowledged in her police interview. I was a little bit of a jerk.

In addition, Rowlands said to the authorities, “I don’t drink much, but when I do, I make up for it.” I resemble an animal.

Llandudno Magistrates’ Court chairman Duncan Campbell said to Rowlands, “It is clear at the time that you were drunk, fooling around having fun.” The prosecution must establish both its case and your intent to use force beyond a reasonable doubt.

“The fact that Mr. Shortman did not show there and that your acts were not consenting is telling. We therefore declare you innocent.”

Foden, the son of Rowlands, is a highly accomplished football player in England, having made 31 senior team appearances. The 23-year-old has made 248 appearances for City and has taken home multiple awards, including the Champions League and five Premier League crowns.

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