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“No fighting spirit in that team” “Replace POCHETTINO now or it will be too late for Chelsea” – Didier Drogba blasts Mauricio Pochettino and names perfect replacement for Chelsea

“No fighting spirit in that team” “Replace Poch now” is how Didier Drogba attacks Chelsea manager Mauricio Pochettino and suggests the ideal successor. – 247 CHELSEA

February 7, 2024

“That team lacked a spirit of battle.” “Poch is clueless.” – Didier Drogba criticises Chelsea manager Mauricio Pochettino and names the ideal successor


Didier Drogba feels Chelsea should make a bold decision to rehire Jose Mourinho for a third term since Mauricio Pochettino “doesn’t have a clue what he wants to do” at the club.


At the midway point of the Premier League season, the west London heavyweights are languishing in 11th place in the table, despite having spent over £1 billion on new players since Todd Boehly’s arrival.


The pressure on Pochettino has only increased with back-to-back losses to Wolves and Liverpool, and some Chelsea supporters are calling for the team to part ways with the 51-year-old, just as they did with Graham Potter after just six months.


The Chelsea management is aware of the issues the team has encountered, but as things stand, there are no intentions to part ways with Pochettino, who has a contract at Stamford Bridge that runs through 2025.


But the former Chelsea striker has had enough of Pochettino and believes the Argentine’s poor body language makes him appear like a walking dead man.


After Pochettino’s players were jeered off the ground at the final whistle, Petit told, “I was so disappointed with Chelsea’s performance against Wolves.”


They were tactically disorganised, had no fighting spirit, no communication, and no character. They also appeared extremely disorganised. I was sorry for the Chelsea supporters.


Why would you start [Christopher] Nkunku as the lone striker up front, I wondered? Is he even aware of Nkunku’s strongest suit? It is common knowledge in Germany and France that he is not and has never been able to play alone up front. He excels in the 10 or in a two up front, although he is completely unsuited for that job.


The current makeup of the team is absurd, and Pochettino is unwilling to adjust his strategy to fit his personnel.


“He appears to be heading out already, and his body language is very poor. He has no idea what he wants to do.”


Following his expulsion from Roma, Mourinho is now one of the favourites with bookies to succeed Pochettino as Chelsea manager.


Mourinho, who is beloved by Chelsea supporters, led the team to eight championships during his two stints in west London, and Petit thinks the self-styled Special One could be able to “come in and fix” their issues.


The 1998 World Cup winner continued, “I’ve seen the rumours that Mourinho could come in with John Terry as his assistant.”


If you give it some thought, it might be an intriguing proposition. He would provide personality and character to the team.


He might be the one to step in and put things right since as of right now, they are a broken squad.


In my opinion, they require a manager that possesses a clear understanding of what should be done with the current players.


They need to stop investing in new players and start considering how to advance the ones they already have.


“Chelsea needs to find their identity because they don’t currently have one.”




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